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The following questions should be considered before completing the application form as this detail will be requested during the application process.

  • Do you need to be a prescriber to provide care in your area of practice?
  • Do you meet the basic requirements to become a Non-Medical Prescriber?
  • Are you registered with the GPhC, HCPC, NMC or GOC?
  • Do you have the post-registration experience required by your professional regulatory body?
  • Does the sponsoring organisation see a need for this extended role?
  • If employed within a NHS organisation, have you approached your Non-Medical Prescribing Lead?
  • Are you competent in the clinical field in which you intend to prescribe before entering the programme?
  • Are you able to consult, undertake a thorough history, assess and diagnose patients / clients prior to prescribing?
  • Will your employer confirm your competence?
  • Have you identified a university at which you will undertake the NMP programme?
  • Do you know where local training is held?
  • Do you know how your programme training will be funded?
  • Is your employing organisation willing to provide the required study release time (26 theory and equivalent to 90 practice days)
  • Are you able to study at a minimum of Level 6
  • Will the undertaking of this role bring benefits to patients?
  • Has your organisation got the clinical governance procedures in place to support safe prescribing?
  • Have you identified a Designated Prescribing Practitioner (DPP) (PA, PE, DPP), who is required to be a Dr, or HCP with a minimum of 3 years NMP experience?
  • Will you have the required access to patient records in order to be able to prescribe safely?
  • Has a budget been identified for your prescriptions?
  • How will you obtain prescription pads or access to electronic prescribing systems?
  • How will your competency be maintained?
  • Do you require additional training in consultation, examination and therapeutics?

Potential applicants in the North West should also refer to the Application Forms available to download on the ‘How to apply’ link/button on the next page.

How To Apply

You may be able to apply for an NHS funded place.
It is advisable to make contact with your NMP Lead or  North West NMP Project Manager before beginning the process.

If privately funding the prescribing programme, you will still need to complete the relevant form and liaise with the university directly (contact details).

  1. Choose a University

The first step in applying for a programme in Non-Medical Prescribing is to choose a university, and complete the application form below.

Nurse applicants should ensure that they choose the relevant application form; either for the Community Nurse Practitioners programme (V150- for nurses without a specialist practitioner qualification who wish to become prescribers) or for Supplementary Prescribing (V300).
Please ensure that you complete the correct application form for your chosen university.

2. Contact your Non Medical Prescribing Lead

Applicants should contact their organisation’s Non-Medical Prescribing Lead/Prescribing Governance Lead for more information, advice and approval. Their role is to help guide you through the application process and confirm approval on behalf of the organisation. ACP students must also contact their NMP Lead and notify them of potential enrolment.

3. Complete and sign the relevant form

After downloading the form fill it in and get the relevant sections completed.

Applicants to Independent/Supplementary prescribing programmes: the application will need to be completed by your line manager, the Supervisor/Assessor, and your Non-Medical Prescribing Lead.

Applicants to community practitioner nurse prescribing programmes: the application will need to be completed by your line manager, the sign off mentor, Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) and your Non-Medical Prescribing Lead.

Once complete, send it to the university contact address shown.
Please note, some universities may have additional requirements and applicants are advised to check with the university contact listed above, especially where applicants are making an application which is independent of their employer.

* Important Note: Please refer to Page 2 to identify which Application form you need to complete.

4. Pre Course Numeracy Assessment

Applicants working for the NHS, in the NW region must complete an online pre course numeracy assessment to which your NMP Lead will provide access.

You can practice on the SN@P which is the numeracy assessment platform where you take the pre course entry assessment. Use the discount code NMP50 to purchase a licence from as little as £5.

Individuals seeking to practice as independent prescribers may fulfil the numeracy assessment by completing the online pre-entry assessment. The Pre-Entry assessment is mandatory for applicants who are NHS employees in the North West region;Your NMP Lead will grant you access to this assessment.

If you are not an NHS employee, typing “self funder” in the NMP Lead box on the snap page.
* Self Funders are not obliged to do the assessment.

5. Return your Application Form

Application forms should be returned to one university of choice only.

V150 & V300 Application Forms

V150 (Community Pract.) – Download Application Form
V300 (Ind. Supplementary) – Download Application Form
Guidance for pharmacists
V300 (Ind. Supplementary) 2021 version – Download Application Form