Non Medical Prescribing (NMP) – An Economic Evaluation

Despite there being considerable evidence that NMP not only has a very strong safety record but provides significant advantages to patients and the NHS as a whole, little evidence exists about the actual economic impact of NMP. Health Education North West asked i5 Health to undertake data research and analysis to evaluate that impact. There were three principal outcomes:

  1. Findings from an analysis of the North West England NMP Clinicians Audit to England as a whole established that NMP contributes a minimum value of circa £777m per annum.
  2. An exercise quantifying the economic impact of Primary Care NMP on Secondary Care for 16 Long Term Conditions (LTC) concludes that a minimal presence of NMP in the top quartile of GP practices currently without NMP would reduce hospital attendances and admissions representing annual values of over £270m across England.
  3. Introducing NMP as an initiative into environments like Care Homes, OOH practice and Palliative Care, the prospective value for CCGs can range up to £1m – depending on the size and location in England.

Information above is an Extract from 5i