RPS Changes and Update

NMP Leads and others who have a responsibility for medicines management and prescribing will be aware that there have been a number of changes to the RPS Framework.
From a governance point of view, organisations will need to ensure that protocols and policies are updated in accordance with the changes.
Individually, all prescribers need to be aware of the changes and adapt their practices

The Health & Education Co-operative has developed an online resource that can be made available for prescribers which:

  • Confirms responsibilities with regard to RPS
  • Highlights the key changes within the framework
  • Encourages reflective thinking in relation to adoption of changes
  • Tests understanding of changes
  • Takes just 20 minutes to complete

A piece of reflective learning is required to be uploaded to complete the resource. This can later be accessed as evidence for professional body revalidation if required.

If you are looking for an update for NMPs regarding the recent RPS Changes we have the perfect solution for you. Contact Kieran for more information.

How can the Resource be used in Trusts?

All prescribers can be asked to complete the resource and provide evidence of completion.
A certificate is available. In addition to this, admin account holders can check who has
accessed, completed/part-completed a resource.

How can the resource be accessed by staff in Trusts?

A key account contact will work with the HE Co-op. They will:
• Provide a list of names and email addresses on a spreadsheet
• Notify Prescribers that they have been given access to the resource
• Access reports on who has accessed and completed

If your organisation does not have a licence you can purchase a 1 Year Licence to our RPS Changes Course via The HealthVLE today.