Chief Officer (Company Secretary)

Name: Jo Tate
Title: Chief Officer (Company Secretary)
Pronouns: She/Her
Tel: 07703130393

About Jo
Jo’s early career was in regeneration and involved working with and supporting new business growth and development. Over 13 years ago Jo took on her first role in a university, setting up collaborative partnership projects to achieve strategic growth for local businesses.

Jo has managed the Health and Education Co-operative for over 4 years, supporting its transition from a 100% grant funded organisation, to being fully commercial and self-sustaining through the introduction of licences.

Jo’s Hobbies: Fell walking, mountain biking and road cycling – does try to run but keeps ending up on crutches! (Can often be heard trying to convince the rest of team that an outdoors team building day would be great!)

Good to know: Jo’s cup of coffee has to be made a certain way.