All of our platforms have beeb internally developed to meet the needs of education and health-care providers. The HE Co-op has a highly skilled system support team, who will work with you to enable you to get the most out of the platform. We have included some Frequently Asked Questions they receive from students below for our HealthVLE. We also have dedicated knowledge base for the HealthVLE and SN@P.

How do I register students for an e-learning courses and resources on the HealthVLE?

Please refer to this knowledge base article for full instructions. The knowledge base article also contains the template we need you to complete and return to our Support Team via Email (
Courses may include: NMP, Medicines Management and Pharmacology (UG), DPP, NMP CPD
For information on registering students for Sn@p click here.

What do I do if a student informs me they can’t access the modules?

Check that you have provided us with the correct email address. Send a support ticket in providing us with the name of the course, name of the student and their email address.

What do I do if a student is having difficulties with the course?

Ask your students to complete a support ticket online.
Please ask them to be specific as possible: where or what the issue is – the exact unit name, quiz title etc.

More than one student reporting the same issue?
Please Contact The Health and Education Co-operative Manager Jo, if more than one or two students come to you with the same issue.


How can I check which students have completed the modules and or course?

Please refer to this Knowledge Base Article with full step-by-step How-To Guide.

Full Guidance

Click on the button below to access full documentation on the various functionalities of the HealthVLE and the content of the NMP resource.

How do I access training on System Administration

Full training on the system is available.
Contact our Support Team to request Training:
They will be able to show you how to:

  • Create and upload a new cohort
  • Download student reporting information
  • Upload SCORM packages
  • Create your own courses on the VLE
  • Edit copy on the VLE